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Global Real-Time Cold Chain Solutions

Innovative Real-Time Data Logger combined with our Frigga platform enables visualization of the cold supply chain and end-to-end seamless link. Numbers of Food, Pharmaceuticals, Flower, Laboratory and other companies need to monitor accurate temperature, humidity and other parameters,they validate our reliable and integrity data service. Our team is always cooperating with our customers to help them succeed.



From farm to table, temperature management of food is critical. We assist in the perfection of cold chain management.



How to monitor parameters such as temperature, humidity, location, etc. in the pharmaceutical supply chain? FRIGGA solutions ensure product effectiveness, patient safety and regulatory compliance.


Commercial & Industry

Management of valuable assets such as vehicles needs real-time monitoring of temperature and time. FRIGGA system assists customers in improving management performance.



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Our Story

Frigga is located in Lujiazui Financial Center,Shanghai. It is a technology company with 18 years of experience in wireless communication research and development, in which the R&D team accounts for 90% of the company's total workforce. The company aims to re-define a new generation of real-time temperature recorders and promote development of the entire industry through technological innovations.
The self-owned brand Frigga, a real-time temperature recorder, uses the original chip-level design in the industry to ensure the stability and security of monitoring data in the collection, recording, transmission, storage and other aspects, so as to truly achieve zero data loss. It provides a complete and reliable unified solution for the cold chain transportation industry such as fruit and vegetable fresh food and medical transportation.
As the leader of real-time temperature recorders, the company invested 5 million US dollars to establish a professional and authoritative laboratory to meet the highest requirements for stability, reliability and quality.
The Frigga Cloud platform, developed independently by Dewav R&D team, is perfectly compatible with PCs, wireless devices such as mobile phones and tablets. Users can accurately grasp the temperature, humidity and position information of the goods in real time, no matter where they are.


Why Frigga

18+ Years of wireless electronic devices development history

Chip-Level Design: Excellent power and wireless performance

148 Patents; 80% related to wireless electronics

10000+ m² workshop; Class 100,000 clean production area; Laboratory investment scale: $5 million+

Served 168 countries and regions around the world

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