Heroes create The Times---Redefining real-time temperature loggers

Heroes create The Times---Redefining real-time temperature loggers

Abstract: Dewav IoT was invited to participate in the "11th Global Pharmaceutical Cold Chain Summit". Paddy, CEO of Dewav IoT, delivered a keynote speech on "Redefining Real-Time Temperature Logger".



Sponsored by China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing and co-sponsored by Chongqing Pharmaceutical (Group) Co., LTD., from August 3-5, 2022, China federation of logistics and purchasing medicine logistics branch, Chongqing pharmaceutical group peace logistics co., LTD., China federation of logistics and purchasing aviation logistics branch to undertake, the Chongqing municipal people's government, ports and logistics office, administration of drug administration in Chongqing, Chongqing new demonstration project supported by the 11th 2022 global drug cold-chain summit held in Chongqing success.



As the first exhibition in China, Dewav IoT, based on the long-term accumulation of global business scenarios, data and experience, starts from the "pain points" of users, and elaborates the current situation of the pharmaceutical cold chain industry.



From product design improvement, Dewav pioneered the active early warning monitoring system, the PDF report automatic screening and grading system, the original false shutdown shadow mode, the global query scheme, the dry battery real-time temperature logger, and the multi-dimensional deep empowerment of the domestic pharmaceutical cold chain logistics industry development.




By effectively improving the security and stability of data, it can improve operational management efficiency, reduce operational error rates and personnel management costs. In the future, it will unswervingly provide a one-stop solution for global real-time cold chain monitoring, and promote the cold chain informatization to fully enter the 3.0 era.