Global one-stop cold chain real-time monitoring solution

Global one-stop cold chain real-time monitoring solution


Founded in 2018, Shanghai Dewav is headquartered in Shanghai, with branches in Hong Kong, Singapore, Turkey, Russia, Peru and Australia. The core team has 18 years of experience in R&D, design, production and manufacturing of wireless communication products, and the R&D team accounts for 90% of the company's total employees.



Business introduction


The company focuses on global cold chain real-time monitoring solutions, leading global cold chain real-time monitoring with technological innovation. The global independent brand Frigga real-time temperature and humidity logger, IoT hardware terminals and big data service cloud platforms are all independently developed, and currently mainly serve the world. One-stop global cold chain real-time monitoring customers such as food, fresh food, pharmaceutical cold chain, etc., provide real-time monitoring, real-time alarm, data analysis, management, docking and other value-added services for different customers around the world.

Currently serving customers in the cold chain industry on five continents around the world.



Core Technology


The company takes technological innovation as the core, and its advantage lies in wireless communication. The global independent brand Frigga real-time temperature and humidity logger adopts the industry's original chip-level design to ensure the stability and security of monitoring data in terms of collection, recording, transmission, and storage.



In recent years, Dewav IoT has accumulated a large number of actual scenarios and usage experience of customers in the global cold chain industry, and has been committed to customers in the global cold chain industry for a long time. Enabling customers to fully enter the era of cold chain information management 3.0. As a global leader in real-time temperature loggers, the company has invested 30 million yuan + to establish professional laboratories to meet the highest requirements for product stability, reliability and quality.


Enterprise patent


At present, the company has obtained authorization, including 38 inventions, 55 utility models, 20 designs and 35 software copyrights. Has obtained high-tech enterprise certification and ISO9001 quality management system certification.

Dewav IoT is committed to becoming a global company. The big data monitoring cloud platform is independently developed by Dewav, and is fully compatible with wireless terminal equipment such as PC, mobile phone and tablet. Accurately grasp the temperature, humidity, light, shock, position, trajectory and other information of the goods in real time anytime and anywhere, which is easy to track, query, record and trace. Dewav IoT provides customers with complete real-time global information monitoring solutions, including: real-time monitoring, positioning tracking, data analysis, platform docking, information statistics and other services.